About Me

Founder and Chief Performance Coach at Centre for Excellence in Performance Improving Performance is the only key to improved Results, and he is a stimulant for Improved Performance.

He has behind him 31 strong years of successful entrepreneurial experience of, launching enterprises in Direct Sales, Time sharing, Construction, Plastic Recycling, Recruitment Services and 15 years in corporate trainings prior to the current passion, the seed of which was sown 2008. He has been coaching for 15 years now.

It is said that impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion. All one has to do is continuously keep on working & improving your Performance.

He has mastered the science of the Mind-Brain mechanism and how it can be used to advantage. As an inventor of “Readography” and founder of “Neuro-Structuring” he has research papers to his credit and still working on several other concepts to pen down few more research papers in the near future.

The latest feather in the cap; he is a Mentor National School of Leadership (Pune).

He works with several models of Performance Coaching:

  1. Business Performance: For Entrepreneurs for Business Growth
  2. Sports Performance: For Sportsmen to peak while performing, go to the next level of performance and also coach out of form sportsmen get back in form.
  3. Individual Performance: have worked with politicians, actors, models, trainers, coaches, energy healers and more to improve on their individual performance, have helped clients to improve their performance to overcome depression, lose weight, improve their relations and also to be better leaders.
  4. He has helped 656 people overcome depression and has solved more than 131 suicidal tendency cases till today.
  5. Sales Coaching: where he works with sales teams, with the intention to organize them and generate more revenue for the organization.

Mithilesh Coaches people to make a shift in how they TFP (Think, Feel and Perceive about their past, present and future) so that they get into a Growth Mindset. His strength is to blend the knowledge from the Yogic Philosophy and The Bhagwat Gita with modern sciences so that this knowledge becomes applicable in day to day life.

The human side of Mithilesh’s story –

As a person, he is a percussionist and has performed with 9 different musical instruments in live concerts. Have performed in more than 300 live concerts.

He is a Table Tennis player and participates in the veteran’s tournaments organised by the Table Tennis Federation of India in +49 age group.

He has helped more than 90,000 people do better in Business and Life.